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Welcome to Crown Bees Our website has many new features, rewritten content, and will have much more fresh content weekly. When you see this symbol Homepage, hover your mouse over it. This symbol BeeMailIcon-envelopeis a reminder to sign up for Bee-Mail. (This is found at the top of the website.  Hover over it there to sign up.) Bee-Mail is to help you remember when to do what.  We want you successful! The content of these pages are important to us to be factual and based on science, field study, and direct observation.  If you question any fact, write a comment on that page.  We'll respond quickly. Lastly, we have worked hard to get most of the bugs working in this new website.  If you find an issue with a pictures, links not working, or spelling/grammatical errors, send us an e-mail. Thanks, The Crown Bees team.
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Our Recent Posts

  • NGC BeeGAP Overview

    BeeGAP Roles

    About the BeeGAP Solution We need more bee pollinators to save our food supply threatened by declining honey bees. The solution rests with increasing the solitary, native bee population. These gentle, rarely stinging bees are

  • An ecologically balanced yard

    natural yard with flowers

    Here are a few points that may help you understand what a balanced yard contains: Beneficial insects that prey on pests in a yard Pests that are present as food for the beneficial insects Some

  • BeeGAP Overview

    BeeGAP Overview

    Bee Gardener Adding Pollinators (BeeGap) Orchards and crops need bees for pollination.  The honey bee, a wonderful pollinator, is in crisis and will need help from additional pollinators. Today, the orchard manager is primarily focused

  • BeeGAP Roles

    BeeGAP Roles

    Each person in BeeGAP is important in ensuring that quality bees are pollinating bees in orchards.  Below is an outline of each position as we understand it today.  We’ll be updating this as we help

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